Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Everyone Is Gay Post!: Where Are All the Intersex People At?

Hi, everyone! A new post, hot and fresh, is up at Everyone is Gay! Many intersex people have had a hard time trying to find other intersex people - either online or in real life. This post provide some ways you can meet other intersex people, virtually and/or in person, so that you can share experiences, give advice, make friendships, and build community.

I mention in the piece that when I met an intersex person for the first time, it literally changed my life. The impact of knowing there are other, real-life, breathing, living intersex humans out there cannot be underestimated. I wasn't alone, and I had proof in the form of a smiling person looking right at me. Community is so important. At a time in history when many intersex people aren't out, though, it's harder to find others like yourself. But with the advent of access to the internet, finding other intersex people is much easier than it used to be.

I hope you enjoy! <3

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On Intersex Medicalization and Coming Out: Janik Bastien-Charlebois

This piece is simply amazing. Thank you, Janik, for sharing your personal history of medicalization, learning what it means to be intersex, and coming to proudly embrace an intersex identity. Check it out now, in the Montreal Gazette!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

#LetDuteeRun: Now She Will!

Dutee Chand, Indian sprinter, has been granted the right to compete in the Olympics by the Olympic governing committee, the IAAF. This is huge news!

Congrats, Dutee! You can read about the decision here, from the New York Times.

Thank you to everyone who worked on the #LetDuteeRun campaign and helping to right discrimination against women with high testosterone levels in professional sports! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Everyone Is Gay Post!: Being an Active Intersex Ally

Hey, everyone! I answered a question on Everyone Is Gay, on how intersex allies can get more involved in intersex activism - what do you need to know, and how do you go about doing it? Check out my post for some great ways to get started!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Marriage and Intersex Identity: Exploring This Relationship Post-Marriage Equality in the US

Hi, everyone! My colleague - sociologist and intersex scholar, Georgiann Davis - wrote a piece for Chronicle magazine exploring how marriage has traditionally been used as a means to validate intersex peoples’ gender identity, whether assigned or as one authentically identifies, and if/how marriage equality complicates this relationship. I think it's smart and great, and really worth reading. Check it out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

United Nations Report Advocates for Intersex Peoples' Bodily Autonomy

A new UN report advocates for intersex human rights, stating that the medical "treatments" performed on intersex people without our consent must end. You can read about this report here, in a blog post from OII-Australia (with a link to download the report as a Word document at the bottom).

Thank you for recognizing our rights to bodily autonomy and need for protections, UN.

UPDATE: Check out intersex activist Marianne Mollmann's discussion of the new UN report in the Huffington Post!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Autostraddle Piece: "When Intersex Meets Lesbian"

Hey, everyone! I wrote a piece for Autostraddle what it's like to be both an intersex person and a lesbian, and where there's overlaps & differences in identity, experiences, and stereotyping by others. This is my most personal piece to date, and I'm really proud of it. I hope you enjoy reading it even a little bit as much as I loved writing it.

It's so satisfying when thoughts and feelings you've been having for years are finally articulated in a way that's ordered, makes sense, not just in an incoherent, un-tangle-able jumble. Writing this piece was that for me. It feels so good.